“Believe in yourself. Hold yourself to high standards and have higher expectations for yourself than anyone else has, for you have all the essential ingredients to succeed. It’s better to aim high and fail than to aim low and succeed.” — Jeanty

Work Ethic

“Success is often measured by the end result, but true success is achieved as a result of preparation. Nothing in life that someone has ever been passionate about comes easy. If it is easy, it usually isn't worth it.” — Jeanty

Osvaldo Jeanty with Trophy


“Leadership includes understanding your environment, and the individuals in it. Understand who you are and how you handle situations; understand who they are and how they handle situations.”
— Jeanty

Handling Criticism

“Listen to the message, not how the message is delivered.” — Jeanty


Osvaldo has spoken at various public events since 2002. He has presented to a variety of audiences such as employees at MBNA Bank, high school graduates transitioning to post-secondary studies as part of Ottawa’s Algonquin College and Carleton University’s “Make the Cut” event, athletic banquets, high schools, camps and teams. At every occasion where he is invited to attend as a motivational speaker, Osvaldo’s key objective is to make an impact on someone’s life he says. “If I can reach even one individual in the audience I speak to, then I would feel that I have completed what I set out to do.

Speech Topics

Work Ethic 90%
Leadership 80%
Overcoming Adversity 70%
Handling Criticism 85%

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